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       Can I Get a Business Phone Numbers for Free?

It is not an easy task to own and runs a business successfully in today’s hyper-connected world. The one essential thing you need is fast and constant communication with your customers. With access to the instant information available at fingertips, the customer’s expectations change as well. Your customers expect you to respond quickly, wherever and whenever they need.

 With such expectations from the customers your business always needs to be connected. However, can your employees be responsive when they are still tied to a desk due to landlines? You need to free your company with the latest VoIP Business phone technology. You should bid farewell to the old copper wires and greet a completely new world of business features.

Get familiar with the VoIP Phone Service?

 Not a lot of people understand the technology of VoIP phones however the majority has used it in one form or the other. If you have ever used the service like Facetime or Skype, then those are VoIP services. VoIP is used for both business and consumer purposes.

            The latest digital VoIP phone services are replacing the analogue Public Switched Telephone Network lines across the world (PSTN). VoIP phone services have come a long way. Service providers have greatly improved the quality and reliability of VoIP technology. Innovation is fast paced in the VoIP industry which means that there are new tools for customers. Do you remember the last time your phone service company launched a new feature to help your business? With a VoIP phone system, it happens regularly.

Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is just like a placeholder. All the incoming calls to a virtual number are routed to your real phone number. A virtual number can have any local area code. Even if you do not have a physical presence in an area. These numbers are come in handy if you:

•           Wish to simultaneously run multiple marketing campaigns. You can assign a virtual phone number to every marketing campaign and simply measure the effectiveness as calls come in.

•           Like to provide your customers with a local phone number to call. The customers will pay for a local call even if your business is in another country.

•           Want your workers to use both personal and business phone numbers on the same device. These numbers can keep everything separate and yet, always keep in touch with your customers.

•           Want to present a professional image. Buy different virtual phone numbers for different departments or services and spend less time in routing the calls.

What VoIP does for a business?

            VoIP technology has something for every business. Regardless of the industry in which you operate or the type of service and product you provide. VoIP technology provides rich and helpful features for your business. It may appear like a huge change and it does require some investment such as time, money and effort. However, you will see results quite instantly once you employ VoIP services. There are a lot of long-term benefits. If you switch to VoIP, then it may be the best decision that you will ever make for your business.

What VoIP can offer?

No Hardware

            Most probably the biggest benefit of switching to VoIP phone is that you do not need any hardware other than the phone of course. It is useful because the PBX systems take up a closet or even rooms in your office. But with VoIP, no hardware means you don’t need to buy anything or repair and maintain it. You do not even need to worry about securing the hardware from theft, natural disasters or accidents. The VoIP router can take care of everything for you.

Call Recording

            A VoIP phone system allows you to record calls both the incoming calls and outgoing. If you have tech support or customer service department then call recording is a must. A VoIP system allows, you to record all calls or you can also enable the feature for only select calls. With this feature, you can playback your agents’ conversations for training. This way you can offer feedback for the agents or you can analyse for process improvements.

            Some businesses even have a legal obligation to record calls. Particularly this is true for certain industries such as finance or even government work.

Time-Based Routing

            Time-based call routing does what it says exactly. A VoIP phone routes the incoming calls based on the time of the call. Let’s suppose that a customer calls your business after working hours. Rather than sending the calls to voicemail you can route those calls to your office branch which remains open in another time zone.

            This time of call routing is an essential tool if you have a customer services team spread across the globe. Your customers will never have to hear the busy signal again. You can gear up to offer your customers a 24/7 support with this feature. This feature is beneficial for even small businesses. Routing incoming calls based on time to your personal phone, voicemail or to a different office location.

Conference Calls

            Conference calls are not new. We know that you can start a conference call with a standard business phone service. However, the VoIP technology experience is different. With VoIP, you can initiate a conference call with two people and add more participants at any time. You can also convert the audio calls into a video conference with just one click. Also, you can present a seminar or let everyone participate. Additionally, participants can join the conference call from anywhere through any device. Participants can join from a computer, a VoIP phone or even through a smartphone. Conference calls are extremely useful if your business has:

•           Employees in different regions and countries

•           Telecommuting employees or workers stationed at the client’s location

•           External consultants such as tax experts, suppliers’ accountants, etc.